Pick ‘n’ mix

I called these jazzy coasters becasue they remind me of when we used to go to the newsagents or Woolies when we were younger and painstakingly choose a whole bag of sweets to make the very best use of your 20p pocket money! back when sugar wasn’t bad for you, and a penny could actually buy something…

I was making a quilt out of the same colours, but that got a bit slow, so I ended up making some fun coasters instead! Its a sort of modern, wonky, patchwork design.


Whilst these all ‘match’, its more through having the same kind of crazy colours, rather than them all being identical (that would be hard!). Though all the mats have pink polka dot backing, like some paper sweet bags!

They are about 10 x 10 cm (4″ square), and stiffened. We have a whole lot to brighten up the living room! I’ll put these up on etsy soon, I’ve been pretty lazy about updating that recently…



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