Close-up 1

Hi! So, I haven’t posted anything here for a while, actually a very long while, but have been getting back into making things the last couple of months and thought it was about time I put some pictures up as everything will just end up sitting around in my house otherwise.

Plus I’m pretty fed up of writing my thesis (only joking, its actually really great fun).

So far there are 4 pictures (this one, here, here and here!)
The first picture, here, I’ve labelled as a microscope picture, even though it wasn’t intended to be. I met someone a while ago who was into pottery making, and the piece I saw was a really lovely coffee/espresso set where you could see the underlying clay colour through a lattice-like white glaze. So, basically I nicked their idea and tried to make a lattice pattern of my own :) But instead of pottery I thought it was a good excuse to use loads of crazy colours of fabric which I got when I accidentally had a fabric-buying splurge. oops.

But anyway, it ended up looking kind of like a cell, with the darker circle being a nucleus (sort of, if you squint), so I thought it might be fun to try and make pictures actually inspired by microscope images, so I’ll put these up one post at a time (except now when I’ll put up 4 at once, and then not for ages, because I shouldn’t have time to make any more, unless I’m being really bad and not writing that document I’m not going to talk about any more…)



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