Close-up 2

This is the second picture in the microscope pictures series, and the first ‘real’ picture. This is a magnified leaf, with the main veins running through in blue with pink spots, smaller veins picked out in blue, and really tiny ones just embroidered.  I couldn’t possibly guess exactly how much thread was used in this, but I’d say probably at least half a kilometer. Which, given that the total size is about 30 x 20cm, is quite a lot! Probably not as much as the length of mycorrhizal fungi you can find in a gram of forest soil, which is also impressive, but I’ve spent the whole day thinking about those and don’t have to motivation to look that up right now, but if you’re interested, you can probably find that out yourself.

So I decided the last piece (Close-up 1) was no where near complicated enough, and kept adding extra layers of leaf venation detail until it all got a bit out of control and was 4am or something crazy like that… Luckily my housemate is a deep sleeper (or just too polite to whinge at all night sewing machine antics – sorry! But its okay, he’ll never read this probably, so no-one mention that!). I think half the problem was that I’d just restarted listening to a load of BBC world service documentary podcasts, which are really compelling. I’m putting off listening to the new ‘serial’ until its all on air… After listening to the last one on Adnan Syed, I’m not sure I could take the suspense of having to wait 2 weeks between each episode!

Anyway, it was a nice excuse to use some beautiful batik fabrics too!
Really I should at least try and sell some stuff like this, then I could buy even more… tempting ;)


Right, the colours didn’t come out fabulously, but near enough, the close up below is better.


And here’s a picture of somewhere part way through the construction process (about 1am :P )



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