Close-up 3

I’ve decided there is probably no more motivation for thesis writing today, so I’ll just continue doing this, as at least it feels a bit more active than just staring at some graphs that show very little happening and trying to think of profound scientific reasons for this!

This third picture is some cells, but for the moment I’ll leave you guessing as to what they’re from! The big challenge with this picture was to try and make the cells look kind of transparent, at least around the edges. This is where they have most cytoplasm, which is basically (without revising my cell biology too extensively) a clear jelly that fills cells. So, I’d made a background from black and patterned black fabric, and I wanted to be able to see some of this background through the cells, but still make the stuff inside the cells look contained (within the cell membrane!).

This is my mum’s favourite of my close-up pictures, even if she said they were ‘little volcanoes’, so there you go… its open to other interpretations. I see what she means, but they were actually meant to be cells :)



I’ve also put in a picture of the cells that I was trying to construct, its not as good as the first picture I saw which inspired me to make this design, but I’m writing this in the office at the moment, and since the cells are from mouse testes…. I’m a little bit wary of searching for that too extensively on google!!!! Haha.

tang et alaf4580_08142011

The picture on the right is better, the red is a fluorescent-labelled antibody, and blue is Dapi staining (credit: from this R&D supply website). On the left is another from an actual scientific article, showing lots all together… you can just about make it out but its a bit small (Tang et al 2008 – I didn’t read it, but if they ever find this hopefully it will be a nice surprise for them).

And finally, as if that all wasn’t enough, here’s a picture of somewhere along the making process, just planning out where to put each cell, and to give you a better idea what the background is like.



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