Close-up 4

Finally, the last picture this week (not that I made them that recently – just thought writing about these was more tempting than my thesis! But both could be put off indefinitely really). This is slightly more appropriate for what I work on, being a more planty than the last picture (Close-up 3), but the real reason why I made this was because I had an idea on how to make cell walls (cool story).


The red-orange gradient is using different colours fabric – some I used before for the leaf vein pattern (close up 2), then trying to cut as many holes in it as I could before it got too fragile and fell apart. Though making this made it pretty obvious that I need to sharpen my scissors as this was a bit tricky.



I really wanted to do a gradient of colour behind the red-orange cell walls, like in this photo of pine tree wood (Below: credit Michael Abbey/Getty images – sorry about it being watermarked, yes I did steal it), but it didn’t come out as well as I hoped. Maybe using some more bold blue or green fabrics would have made this more obvious, but I tried briefly and thought the brighter colours looked a bit clashy.

pine tree wood

Also when making this picture, sadly I slightly broke my sewing machine… It was squeaking somewhere, so after ages hunting the squeak and finally fixing it, when I put everything back together the lights wouldn’t work. So yes, that’s limited the late night sewing until I have the motivation to take it all apart again, and almost certainly break something else! Perhaps its best I didn’t try and be an engineer ;) So, to finish, here’s a photo of the red/orange cell walls before I put the background in or did any embroidery:



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