About my… PhD

rachel3Hi, just thought I’d write a little about myself and what I do (most of the time!).
I am currently studying for a PhD at the University of Sheffield, UK. I am on the E-Futures Doctoral Training Centre programme which focuses on interdisciplinary research contributing to a sustainable energy future.

My research investigates on the role of the terrestrial ecosystem in shaping Earth’s climate through mineral weathering.

I am carrying out a 2-year field experiment at Bedgebury Pinetum, the UK’s national pinetum. This experiment is looking into the variations in soil geochemistry when influenced by different tree species and soil micro-organisms, and how these changes affect mineral weathering.

Our lab group has a webpage which can be found here

Thorley, R.M.S. et al. (2014). The role of forest trees and their mycorrhizal fungi in carbonate rock weathering and its significance for global carbon cycling. Plant, Cell & Environment. doi: 10.1111/pce.12444

(2014) ACCE (Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment) Launch event, Sheffield, UK
(2014) Goldschmidt, Sacremento: Evolutionary Advances in Tree-Fungal Partnerships Accelerate Carbonate Mineral Weathering
(2014) Plant Environmental Physiology Group (PEPG), Castleton, UK: Winner of oral presentation prize
(2014) Imperial College London: Energy CDT Network annual conference
(2014) 33rd New Phytologist Symposium, Zurich – poster only


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